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About Us



Maple Business Consulting's aim is to help businesses thrive. We Specialise in two main areas - Management Consultancy and Bid / Project Management. 

We provide general business support to help identify strengths and weaknesses within your business and then provide support in specific areas to help solve those problems either directly or though our associates. 


We aim to provide timely, cost effective and most of all practical support to businesses. 

Whilst primarily focused in the UK at small and medium companies, we have experience working in over twelve countries in billion dollar enterprises.


We are a small business consulting company with links to hundreds of business and technical professionals who provide specialist services for our clients if and when required.

By using a network of "associates" we can provide the tailored expertise your business requires without an expensive corporate structure. This allows us to keep our fees highly competitive whist offering you the service you need. 

We use a tried and tested approach of analysis, recommendations and implementation to understand where you may have business issues and then, crucially, work with you to further define and implement such changes as are agreed to be necessary.

Finally, Maple Business Consulting does not want to overrun your business. We want to provide appropriate support that you agree with, on a limited timescale, and then let you run your company.