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Business Consultancy

Maple Business Consulting can help you optimise your business without taking over. With an unique proposition for the SME market, Maple Business Consulting can provide highly affordable support to your business, whether it is growing or in crisis.

Normally, a consulting assignment starts with a brief Business Analysis. This is Maple Business Consulting's method of uncovering your company's strengths and weaknesses. From this analysis we can formulate an action plan to bring about changes or improvements in the areas where there are issues or opportunities. This takes only a few days and clients are free to take the outcome of the analysis and either act on it alone or continue to work with us in taking proposed actions ensuring that you always remain in control of the engagement.

The next step is to break down the required actions into manageable steps which can be performed either by your company's staff if the appropriate skills are available or by our consultants. 

Maple Business Consulting can supply experienced consultants for a wide variety of roles, either as part of an activity uncovered by a Business Analysis or as an independent activity. Skills in house and within our associates range from IT to corporate finance.

At all times cost estimates are given before starting work and are reviewed throughout an assignment. As we aim to keep each step short, you maintain tight control over actions and budgets at all times.

Please feel free to contact  us to discuss your potential needs and how we can support your business.